My Christmas- Things I loved and things I learned

Now that the holidays are officially done (I’m not sure how I feel about this btw) I am posting a few of the gifts that I absolutely loved. I was completely spoiled this year, but these are my favourite! I had such a wonderful Christmas filled with love and food! So much food! Not that I’m complaining.. I definitely ate all of the holiday chocolate within approx. 48 hours of getting it.

So, Christmas was absolutely exhausting at my house. I am 21 weeks pregnant and hosted/cooked Christmas Eve dinner as well as had both my mom, her fiance AND my in-laws spend the night, so naturally I also made a huge breakfast on Christmas day. We spent the weeks leading up to Christmas cleaning the house and preparing the rooms to have company.  I feel bad for my poor fiance, I am such a stress case all the time, so of course I spent the whole week and all of Christmas Eve stressing about nothing and he has to deal with my neurotic tendencies, yikes!

Things I learned from hosting Christmas:

  • No one cares if dinner is on time
  • No one cares if everything doesn’t go to plan
  • How to brine and roast a turkey- I am so impressed with myself!
  • I am lucky to have great family and amazing in-laws
  • Stop worrying so much.. I am laughing as I type this because I am the biggest worrier.. EVER.


OK OK enough about my Norman Rockwell Christmas, on to the good things.

Oooh this bracelet, I love. L.O.V.E. It’s a Swarovski rose gold bracelet, it’s the perfect amount of fancy but still casual enough to wear all the time without being over the top.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Mask. Yessss. I originally wanted just gift cards to Sephora to buy said mask, but received the actual mud mask, so win-win. I’m happy. Pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my skin, it’s dry but breaking out all at the same time.

In fact my skin is so dry I feel like a giant pregnant lizard, how attractive, right?

This stuff is amazing. A-Ma-Zzzing. If you haven’t tried any of the GLAMGLOW mud masks, I highly suggest that you do. I am also a huge fan of the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD mask. I find that the YOUTHMUD works the best for my skin, but I wanted to try the SUPERMUD since it’s the most popular one.

I cannot express in words how much I love these boots. I live in the snowiest, wintery, hell on earth city- Edmonton, Alberta. These boots are the Royal Canadian Louise Cognac boot. They are completely waterproof, meant for -30 weather, ANNNND memory foam insoles. I tried these one almost two months ago with no intention of buying boots, I fell in love instantly. The memory foam is like walking on clouds. CLOUDS you guys. Clouds.

Now I can go out into the wintery world with warm clouds on my feet happy as can be.. while the rest of me freezes.


On top of these gifts, I also got a new KitchenAid stand mixer glass bowl, because mine broke. Such a sad day, you know, I just wanted to make cookies, not end up with glass shards everywhere. Glass shard cookies anyone?

Tell me what some of your favourite gifts were!

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