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Hey Y’all (that’s right, I said y’all. I was born in Texas so technically I can say y’all. That’s how that works.. right?).

Anywho, since my skin has been so so dry and I’ve had breakouts from being pregnant, I thought I’d share my personal faves with you! I’ve really been focusing on getting my skin clear and healthy. These days I’m not wearing makeup if I’m not leaving the house so it has been the perfect time to zone in on my skincare.

As I’m writing this I am catching up on the new episode of the Bachelor. All I can say is W.T.F.

Corinne is insane. Like, legit insane. Team corn, as she calls herself. I think the producers are just keeping her for the entertainment value, hey I’m not complaining. I can’t believe Nick sent Taylor home right then and there, like just left her in the swamp.. ahhhh… and then she comes back to talk to him?! Love it.

I’ll tell y’all a secret.. (see I did it again, feels so natural), I’ve never actually watched the Bachelor before this season.. and now I am loving it.

Ok, anyways, back to my skincare!

To start off, I have pretty dry skin to begin with and currently it’s winter here and I am pregnant, so my skin is none to happy right now.

The first products I want to introduce you to are the Formula10.0.6 products. These masks are amazing. The Pores Be Pure mask is my favourite, I notice a difference instantly. Smoother, clearer, tighter skin. I just picked up the Three Times Sublime mask and I am super excited to try it. You can buy this line at Shoppers Drug Mart, but while I was out shopping yesterday I found them being sold at Old Navy. OLD NAVY you guys, get over there and pick them up! They carry a bunch of the Formula10.0.6 line and they’re cheap too! It just proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to have great skin.


The next products you guys need to try are the Nip and Fab line. These are also my go to products. You can purchase them from most Shoppers Drug Marts.

The Nip and Fab Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix is the only thing that works for my extremely dry winter skin. I get horrible flaky dry skin every winter and this is my saving grace. It is so moisturizing but not greasy, it’s a nice lightweight cream that absorbs quickly, leaving your skin nice and refreshed. I use this stuff every night.

Next is the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel. I alternate this with the Viper Venom night cream when my skin is super blemishy. I learned the hard way not to use these at the same time, they combine and start pilling on your skin and peeling off, it’s so weird, it doesn’t harm your skin but just don’t do it. This overnight gel is great if you want to tone down some blemishes.

Up next is the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. These keep my skin feeling refreshed, I use them before I moisturize. The glycolic acid helps exfoliate while the hyaluronic acid helps moisturise my skin. They’re great to use to improve the texture of your skin.


I want to throw these in here even though it isn’t skincare, but it’s makeup. The Joe Fresh eyeshadows are amaaaaaaazing. I picked these up a few weeks ago and I can’t rave enough about these. They are so pigmented and blendable, and cheap too! I was looking for a new highlighter and I just so happened to pick up this lovely gold eyeshadow and try it as a highlighter. This was the best find ever. I love using it as a highlighter, it compliments my skin tone so nicely. If you aren’t using Joe Fresh cosmetics I highly recommend that you try them!


I picked up the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel and the Urban Decay Quick Fix Primer Spray yesterday, after reading so many reviews about these products I am super excited to try them and let you guys know what I think! Stay tuned.


And there you have it my friends, these are my holy grail products for skincare. Comment below and let me know what your faves are!

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